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Before beginning a study of financial risk assessment, it is important to establish both a framework and a reason for engaging that effort.   As it turns out, the analysis of a firms financial risk usually lies at the heart of the assessment of overall credit risk as it applies to that enterprise.   And if we can employ a general framework for that evaluation of financial risk, one that we can use over and over again, the consistency of our analytical effort will rise and the quality will improve as well.


This lesson provides an overview of, or framework for, the credit/risk analysis process.   The overall objective is to determine the likelihood that any extension of credit will be repaid completely and timely.   The basic assessments within this overall process are reviewed and the role that financial risk assessment plays in particular is explained.   Since the objective of financial analysis includes understanding the underlying causes of business performance, this lesson and Lesson 2 lay a foundation for the remaining modules in the financial risk assessment course.


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