This showcase of TV programs includes medical anthologies, lifestyle-magazine, documentary, docu-dramas and specials for mainly commercial, public and cable channels. These programs have received distribution overseas to Media Corp, Singapore and Discover Channel, Canada.

The main focus was on Marjorie Bly's life-long work with the leper colony in PengHu, Taiwan. We also covered a little of her background; growing up through the Second World War in China and later life in the USA. Through her experiences, we also witness the passage of time; changes and developments in these countries.


After two hundred years of industry, the District of Xinwu has become Taiwan's largest agricultural town. It is also Taiwan's largest supplier of rice with the population a little over 42,000. It occupies 85 square miles, east to west approximately 13 miles, north to south 8 miles. It is equivalent to the size of 385 Disney Worlds...........more


Penal Code is a prime-time series targeted at youths. Up-coming pop duo, Twinz, play the part of a young law undergrad interning at a youth counseling center. Each episode highlights a penal code unwittingly broken by teenagers. These stories are based on real incidents.


Produced for the launching of Taiwan Public Television Station, Help Me Speak is a medical series based on case studies in Taiwan and the United States.  The series aims at increasing public awareness to the benefits of early intervention medical programs.  Each of the 13 episodes investigates a particular speech disability and captures the current treatment available.


A weekly, 30-minute, 36-episode series featuring the Former Mayor of Taipei and President of Taiwan, Mr. Ma Ying-Jeou. As he traverses the island, Mr. Ma learns first hand the simple joys, triumphs and challenges of the 22-million people who call this island their home.  His journeys bring him into contact with different pockets of a very diverse nation.


Hosted by Newscaster-of-the-Year, Ms Jing Shiao Li, adopting a magazine format with studio interviews and re-enactments, City Beat deals with the nuts and bolts of living in a crowded metropolitan like Taipei City.  This 26-episode, prime-time, lifestyle series deals with a variety of issues, including life-threatening situations such as karaoke fires, date rape and earthquakes.


Appointments, based on true psychiatric case-files, examine the conditions of a range of neurotic, psychotic and affective behaviour disorders.  Each half-hour episode investigates the treatment, social and personal dimensions of the victim suffering from a particular disorder.

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